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Meet Our Student Midwives.

Midwife Amy Engelhardt is committed to passing on, through supervised apprenticeship (student midwives), the tradition of midwifery to new generations of people eager to serve and assist families during their childbearing experience. These student midwives are enrolled in various academic programs, but must get their clinical experiences and training through working with a practicing midwife. 


Involvement in Care

During your pregnancy you will have the opportunity to meet and become comfortable with the student midwife that will attend your visits and birth. We ask you to consider your needs and desires and let us know to what extent the student midwife can be included in your care. If you desire, they can do anything from just observing, to practicing something they are perfecting. 

Usually the student midwife will be present at the prenatal and postpartum visits. The student midwife will also attend your birth. You can be assured that the student will be completely supervised, with the midwife at their side during the prenatal period, labor, birth, and postpartum. The assistance of the student midwife with your prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care supports the progress of their training. 


Clinical Training

The training that the student midwife receives is very systematic; moving forward step by step in their knowledge and skills. They are grateful for the generosity of clients who give them opportunities to advance their skills. Once a student midwife is advanced and qualified enough for the level of responsibility to manage deliveries, they can be chosen as a primary (midwife)-under-supervision. You can take pride in knowing that your pregnancy and birth experience have actively assisted in training another future midwife. 


***If you have any concerns or do not wish to have the student midwife participate in your care at any point, please discuss this with your midwife to make appropriate accomodations.***

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